The Right Time of Year to Install Roofing

home needing reroofing

Some homeowners are concerned about having roofing repairs and installation done at certain times of the year, due to the effect that diverse temperatures can have on the materials and the installation process. If you talk to most roofing experts, though, you’ll find that the majority of them do not restrict their services offered based on the time of year. They may wait for warmer days to install certain kinds of roofing materials, but the time of year that you have roofing work done does not really affect how well the installation process will go.

In some cases, the roofing contractor will not install certain kinds of roofing materials due to the colder weather. They may wait until the weather warms up a bit before they go ahead with part of the process, due to the way the installation process will react to the cold weather.
Asphalt shingles are probably the number one roofing material affected by colder weather. These kinds of shingles can become brittle and fall off if they become too cold, but steps can be taken to ensure that they are protected and that this does not happen. In some instances, the roofing contractors may wait to install asphalt shingles until they get some warmer weather, but it usually isn’t that much of a problem.

Roofing of all kinds can be installed all year round, and the roofing contractor will ensure that the roof is put in place in a timely manner if it is an emergency situation for the homeowner or business owner. There may be instances where the roof needs to be replaced quickly due to serious structural damage that has occurred, and in those cases the roofing contractor will do everything they can to ensure that the roofing materials are put in place and are not affected by the weather conditions.

Of course, rainy weather can make it tough it install roofing materials, and the contractors may have to wait until the rain has stopped to install roofing components, but they can usually wait out the rain for the day and then complete the work on the same day, once the rain has stopped. They just cover the roof with sheeting of some sort and wait for the rain to subside, then get back to work and finish the job.

Weather conditions can slow down work and make it cost more, as contractors may have to stop and start the work throughout the day or week to avoid the bad weather and the effects it can have on the installation process. This is going to drag out the installation process and cost the property owner more, but the work can still be done.

This is why it is sometimes recommended to have roofing installed in more temperate parts of the year, such as fall and summer, when there is less chance of precipitation or extremely cold temperatures but roofing of all kinds can be installed all year round with the right contractor.

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