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We specialise in stripping off old felt and replacing it or if the underlying timbers are damaged
we can replace them too all without damaging plaster on the interior ceiling. Of course sometimes
a roof is so damaged that the felt, timbers and joists all need to be replaced. If this is the case we
can handle that for you and will even re-plaster the interior ceiling too.

We only use the highest quality insulation in our roofs, which means you are kept warm in the
winter, but also cool in the summer and will save you money on heating bills.

Weatherproofing an existing flat roof is another popular service we offer.

Here are just some of the residential jobs we cover:

  • New Flat Roof With Or Without Insulation
  • Extensions
  • Re-Felting
  • Strip Off Old Timbers/Joists & Re-Felt
  • Canopies
  • Garden Sheds

Flat roofs are incredibly popular in Dublin. They offer a wide variety of benefits, for example allowing ample fresh air and natural light into the house. Installing flat roofs are also affordable and relatively quick.

As is the case with most other roofing types, however, flat roofing requires regular maintenance. Roofing experts recommend inspecting and servicing your roof at least twice per year and once after severe weather conditions. You may find that your flat roof needs a once-off professional repair job.

If you need flat roof repair or maintenance services, keep reading to learn more about flat roofs and what flat roof reparation entails.

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We are so confident in our roofing abilities that we offer the longest guarantees in Dublin. We give written warranties on everything from simple repairs to brand new roofs.

To protect you even further we insure our own warranties. So no matter what happens you will be protected for up to 30 years! Guaranteed.


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Real Customer Reviews, Typos & All ;- )

We suffered some damage to our roof during the recent windy weather. Within a few hours Sean and his team had arrived to sort it out for us. Wonderful service.
Mike & Lorraine Carr

I only had a small job to do. Just one broken tile. But it was no problem, they came out and fixed it in a very short time. I’d recommend Roofers Dublin to anyone.
Tim Cahill

I had a flat roof that had seen better days. Sean’s team did a great job restoring the whole thing and I’m very pleased. Definitely a recommended roofer.
Vincent Browne


Common Types of Flat Roof

There are many types of flat roof, each with its own characteristics and pros and cons. Below is a list of some of the most common types of flat roofs.

BUR or Build Up Roofs

Often referred to as gravel and gravel roofs, build up roofs have been around for some time. Back in the day, this type of roofing consisted of layers of roofing felt that were covered in hot tar, which was heated in a large kettle and spread across the entire roof. Around 4 layers of tar are spread out across the roof before the top tar layer is covered in gravel to protect the tar from the sun’s rays.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing differs from build up roofing in that it only consists of two layers of 3 feet wide asphalt rolls: a base sheet and a cap sheet. This type of roofing can be installed in 4 ways. It can be hot applied with hot tar, cold applied with an adhesive that is solvent based and that doesn’t require heat, and by peeling and sticking the base and cap sheets that are self-adhesive. The fourth way is to torch the asphalt rolls down to melt the two sheets together.

The cap sheet usually has a granular appearance and a grey colour. It strongly resembles an asphalt shingle roof. Since the asphalt rolls are three feet wide, you will be able to see seams in the roof that are running in parallel lines with spaces of 3 feet between them.

EPDM Rubber Roofs

These rubber roofs can be installed by gluing it down to decking or a non-timber surface. They usually have a black colour and are stretched over the decking or insulation board. These EPDM rubber membranes are incredibly durable and provide excellent production against UV rays, water, and other elements.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof

These roofs consist of a layer of high-density polyurethane foam and a coat of waterproofing elastomeric material that usually have a white or grey colour.

Thermoplastic Membranes PVC or TPO

These are membranes that consist of single layers and that closely resemble EPDM rubber roofing. These membranes are mechanically attached to the trims. This type of flat roofing typically has a white or light colour, which makes them great for interior temperature regulation and conserving energy.

Our Certifications

  • Level 3 NVQ Roofing Qualifications (Tiles and Slates)
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme Card Holders
  • Full Employer & Public Insurance Cover
  • Trained in First Aid
  • Safe Pass Qualified
  • Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme
  • Certified for Aerial Lifting
  • Work at Heights (WAH) Certified
  • Trained in Installation of Single Ply Systems
  • Abrasive Wheels Certified



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    Sign You Need a Flat Roof Repair


    Cracks in the surface of your roof can be symptomatic of a bigger underlying problem. It is important to pay immediate attention to prevent cracks from increasing in size and from causing leakages.


    If you see water dripping from your ceiling when it is raining, it means that your roof is leaking. The most common cause of leakages in flat roofs are breaches in the membrane. Fortunately, this is mostly a quick and easy repair job.

    Membrane Shrinking

    As membranes get old and reach the end of their lifespan, they may start to shrink and pull away from the edges of the roof. This can cause a dislocation, which can be detrimental to the structure of your roof. When age is the cause of shrinking, the only solution is often to replace the membrane completely.

    Foot Traffic

    People like walking on flat roofs. If the membrane is not geared for accommodating foot traffic, it can tear or become dislocated from the trims. Most of the time, repairing this type of damage is relatively easy, especially in the case of rubber roofing.

    Fix Flat Roofing Procedure

    Flat roof repair typically takes place in four stages. These stages are inspection, diagnosis, recommendation, and repair. Let’s take an in-depth look at these four stages.


    This is the first and a critical stage in the reparation process. In many cases, the obvious damage is due to an underlying cause. It can also happen that damage is only visible upon routine inspection. This is why maintenance is so important. Experienced roofers may be able to identify a problem at first glance, but, in many cases, close inspection is needed to ascertain what the cause of damage is.


    After inspection, the roofing professional will come to a conclusion that is based on observations made during the inspection phase. It is important to make the correct diagnosis, especially if the cause of a symptom, for example, surface cracks, is obscured from view.


    During this stage, the roofing professional will furnish the homeowner with a written document that details the defect, the cause thereof, the recommended cause of action, and an estimation of the cost of the repair project. Dublin Roofers offers these first free stages for free and homeowners are under no obligation to hire us to complete the repair job.


    This is the actual steps that are taken to remedy the defect.

    The Best Reasons to Hire Roofers Dublin for Your Flat Roof

    It is important that the repair job is conducted in a manner that ensures a long-term solution to the defect won’t arise in the future. In many cases, it is necessary to make use of professional roofing services, especially if the job is technical and requires specialized equipment and experience.

    At Roofers Dublin, we have 33 years experience in flat roof repairs and are widely regarded as a top Dublin roofing contractor. We service the entire Dublin area and our services are centered around our clients’ unique and individual needs.

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