PVC Fascia & Soffit Repairs and Installation

Your roof and more particularly, your fascia and soffits are one of the most exposed and vulnerable parts of your building structure, especially since they are most likely made from timber. They are exposed to the elements which means that they are more prone to rot and deteriorate.

Replacing or repairing your fascia and soffits may seem like an unnecessary expense that can wait. The problem is that mould growth and development of mildew can enter the interior of your home.

Roofers Dublin specializes in roof maintenance. We can provide you with high-end PVC fascia, soffit, downpipe repairs and installations that are guaranteed to last. Keep reading to learn more about our services.

Why Fascia and Soffits Need Regular Maintenance and Repairs

One of the most common repair jobs that cross Roofers Dublin’s way has to do with the maintenance and repair of soffits and fascia. Many times, a rotten soffit will be concealed underneath the roof overhang and the homeowner will wonder why the soffit is rotten if it is not exposed to the harsh elements.

The answer lies with a poor performing fascia and soffit system. Rainwater that falls on the roof flows down to the gutter. Instead of falling into the gutter, however, the water accumulates between the gutter and the fascia. As the water soaks through the fascia, it can get saturated and rotten over time, allowing the water to spread to the soffit.

In many cases, the homeowner doesn’t notice that the fascia is rotten because the gutter is in the way and the owner simply never inspect their fascia and soffits. This is why the first step in regular fascia and soffit maintenance is regular inspection.

If you know what is going on with your roofline, you will notice accumulation of rainwater in undesirable places and be able to do something about it before your fascia or soffit are subjected to water damage.

Another reason why regular maintenance and repair is of the utmost importance is because it allows you to make changes to an ineffective gutter system before it results in cost-intensive damage to your home.

Benefits of PVC Fascia and Soffits

– Minimal maintenance
– Does not rot or decay
– Soffit has enough ventilation
– Does not leak
– No painting or repairs necessary
– Aesthetically pleasing mouldings

Benefits of Aluminium Fascia and Soffits

– Does not rust
– No maintenance required
– Long lifespan of around 35 years
– Wide range of colours available

Benefits of Timber Fascia and Soffits

– Environmentally friendly
– Visual appeal
– Affordable options available

Roof Ventilation

Since water damage is fascia and soffits biggest enemy, ensuring proper ventilation is one of the first steps toward preventing rot and decay. If you are unsure of how to ventilate the back of your roof, feel free to contact Roofers Dublin on 1800 911 007.

Apart from helping you establish constant air flow through your soffits, we can also make recommendations to help you keep your fascias and soffits ion the best possible condition.

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