What is Torch-On Membrane/Felt Roofing?

Torch-on roofing is the specialized application of two plies or layers of Modified Bitumen Membrane. Each layer is around 3–4 mm thick, which means that the entire protective layer can be up to 8mm thick.

The two layers are not applied in the same manner. The first layer can be secured to the substrate in two ways, either mechanically with screws and washers or with an adhesive. The top layer has the same composition as the bottom ply, except that it has a granulated surface to provide additional protection against fluctuating temperatures, harsh sun, and rain.

The top face of the bottom layer and the bottom face of the top layer each consists of a fusible plastic layer which enables the two plies to fuse together. This fusible layer is activated by melting them with a propane torch – which is why this material is called a ‘torch-on membrane’.

What are the Advantages of Torch-On Membrane/Felt?

It is important to consider the roofing choices that are available to you. Torch-on roofing has a number of advantages over other methods and materials such as tar and gravel roofing. These benefits include the following:

Strength and Durability

Torch-on roofing is known for being incredibly durable. It’s quite resistant to UV rays, wind, and rain. It also won’t be scratched or pierced by falling debris or branches. If necessary, you will also be able to walk on the torch-on membrane without damaging it. Another strong and durable option would be a fibreglass flat roof.

Easy Application

Torch-on membranes are easy and quick to apply and repair by a professional, which means affordability to you. Another benefit in terms of application is that you don’t have to wait for favourable weather conditions as torch-on felt roofing can be fitted in rain or sunshine.


Torch-on roofing can be used on a wide range of roofing surfaces. You can also use torch-on roofing on sloped, curved, or pitched roofs. Consult with your roofing company on the best alternatives for your roof to make sure that you get the best possible protection for your roof.

Long-Term Value

Although the initial cost of torch-on flat roofing or repairs is comparable to other materials, you can expect the best value from torch-on roofing over the long haul. This is because this material will protect your roof against the elements as well as tears and leaks for many years. It also reduces your roof’s maintenance requirements, which means your routine property management costs go down considerably.

How Long Does Torch-On Roofing Last?

How long your torch roofing lasts depend on the weather in your area and the quality of the application job. On average, torch-on membranes remain functional for around 25 years. This duration may become longer as torch-on membranes are constantly being developed as a product. It is, however, already completely effective as protection against UV rays and other elements.

Who Manufactures Torch-on Membranes?

There are mainly three high-quality suppliers of torch-on membranes and complimentary technical support. They include Soprema, IKO, and Siplast. These reputable manufacturers work towards ensuring that their products are applied in the prescribed manner to ensure maximum value and prolonged use. Their additional support also allows them to support the contractor’s warranty with their own material warranty.

Torch-on felt roofs is one of the most effective products to provide you with the best possible protection. Torch-on membranes have a sophisticated design and should be expertly installed. Don’t allow the elements to damage your roof and lower the value of your property.

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