Commercial Roofing Dublin

Of course we also offer a comprehensive commercial service including commercial flat roofing dublin
ongoing preventative maintenance. This includes clearing out valleys, making sure your outlets are not blocked, cleaning the roofs thoroughly
and applying water proofing liquids to keep your roof in top condition.

We often carry out large scale flat roofing projects including:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Small Businesses

Roofers Dublin provides business with a wide range of commercial roofing solutions. Our comprehensive services are aimed at ensuring long-term results and lasting durability. As the owner of a commercial property, you may seldom pay attention to the importance of a roof and the efficiency deterioration and defects may have on the productivity of your business.

Fortunately, you can prevent extensive repair and restoration jobs by making use of our high-end maintenance services. Even if you need a roofing membrane replacement or any other extensive repair job to your commercial property’s roof, you can rest assured that we will conduct our services in a way that will allow maximum convenience to you and your business.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

In many cases, commercial properties have roofs that form an integral part of the business’s daily operation. Even if this is not entirely the case, it is of the utmost importance that roofing defects should be avoided at all costs.

One of the most effective ways to prevent this is by making use of routine and preventative maintenance. This is a routine procedure that should be preferably be conducted by a highly experienced and skilled professional, as they will be able to pick up potential issues that a layperson may overlook.

Commercial Roof Repairs

It is also possible that defects may arise despite meticulous maintenance and roofing inspections. This can mainly be due to the old age of the roofing materials or improper initial installations. In such a case, it is necessary to take remedial action to address the defect and other possible negative consequences like water damage and lowered integrity of the roof structure.

Although a layperson or the property owner themselves can carry out a repair, it is important to remember that the defect may have an underlying cause and that it is better to conduct a repair after a thorough inspection and professional recommendation as this will increase the effectiveness of the repair. It can also save a lot of money in the long run.


When it comes to the installation of roofing materials, it is pivotal that it should be done in a thorough and prescribed manner. This will eliminate the risk of running into potential issues and defects. It will also increase the functional lifespan of the commercial property’s roof and ensure maximum cost- and energy-efficiency, which is critical to any business’s financial health.

Why Hire Roofers Dublin

Roofers Dublin has been in the business of providing high-end commercial roofing services in Dublin for 33 years. We are a member of the National Gild of Master Craftsmen, and we are incredibly serious about customer satisfaction.

Like you, we value efficiency, zero waste of resources and time, and getting the job done with the least convenience to your daily business activities. Our reliable commercial roofing repair, maintenance, and installation services are available to you at the most affordable rates in Dublin.


Contact us today to receive a no-obligation quote and professional recommendation with 24 hours. Our number is 1800 911 007. If quality, reliability, and long-term value are important to you, look no further than Roofers Dublin.

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