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Flat roofing can be quite complicated. You often have many questions runninnew roof dubling through your head.

Which materials are best for my particular roof? Can I get away with a re-cover
or do I need timber or even joists to be replaced too? And that’s before you start thinking about insulation.

The truth is that building and repairing flat roofs can be tricky.

Thankfully here at Roofers Dublin we’ve been building and repairing flat roofs
for over 30 years, so it’s safe to say we are experts in the matter.

We are approved torch on felt specialists and we only use the highest quality materials.

  • Get a 20 Year Guarantee on All New Flat Roofs
  • Get a 5 Year Guarantee on All Repairs
  • Members of Guild of Master Craftsmen
  • 33 Years Experience – We Can Tackle Any Job


Residential New Flat Roofing Servicesflat green roof

When it comes to the construction, repair, and maintenance of flat roofing, Roofers Dublin is the leading service providers in Dublin. Our flat roofing solutions are based on high-end performance, quality, and affordability. We work with all flat roofing materials:

Brush-on Liquid Rubber Flat Roof

Green Roofs and Sedum Roof Systems

Paralon Built-up and Sintofoil Roofing Systems

Asphalt Roofing, Repairs and Restoration

Torch-On Membrane/Felt Roofing

Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Zinc Roofing and Cladding

Rubber EPDM Flat Roofing

Copper Flat Roofing and Cladding

Steel, Aluminium and Lead Roofing and Cladding

As part of our flat roofing services, we also provide quality services that relate to the installation and repair of UPVC fascias and roof lights.

Additionally, you can also contact us for lead work and services relating to liquid plastics and DPMS.

Paralon Built-Up Roof Systems

Paralon Total Warm Roof System is made up of the highest quality insulation boards, polymer modified waterproofing membranes and a vapour control layer. It’s very widely used all across Ireland because of its reputation for
durability and quality.

Sintofoil Roof Systems

Sintofoil waterproof systems are becoming very popular and for good reason.
It’s a TPO based single ply made by the makers of Paralon waterproofing membranes. It’s more robust than a normal PVC based system and is economical and environmentally friendly to boot. It’s compatibility with
PVC and bitumen also make it ideal for new builds and recovery projects alike.

We are fully trained and approved to supply and fit Paralon roof systems.

At Roofers Dublin, we believe in delivering high-quality roofing solutions and construction. Our flat roofing services are aimed at providing our clients with long-term performance, convenient delivery, and a substantive increase in their property value.

We have 33 years experience in roofing services in Dublin and are also a member of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen.

We conduct high-end roofing services of all types, from small residential jobs to large-scale commercial roofing projects. These services include flat roofing, repairs, installation, and complete construction.

If you have to replace or repair your flat roof, balcony, porch, or garage, our team of experienced and certified roofing specialists is standing ready to assist you.

Flat Roofing Repairs

If you are looking for our page on Dublin flat roofing repair services then click here.


Why Hire Us For Flat Roofing?

As a homeowner, your roofing needs are distinct. Not only is your house and roof completely different from our competitors, but you also have your own unique set of ideas and preferences. You are an individual with your own lifestyle and objectives, and that is why you need the services of a professional company like Roofers Dublin.

Our services are completely centred around our clients’ needs and the environment. We have all the experience and knowledge to help you find the roofing solution that will meet each and every one of your needs, especially when it comes to flat roofing.

Flat roofing can be an extensive and time-consuming project – if you work with the wrong company. That is why, at Roofers Dublin, we pride ourselves on our ability to complete flat roofing projects as quickly and as effectively as possible.

We complete projects without wasting valuable time or money. The materials and equipment we use in conducting our flat roofing services are of the highest quality to ensure maximum efficiency. When you make use of Roofers Dublin’s services, you get a 20-year guarantee on your new flat roof as well as a 5-year guarantee on all repairs.

If you need any flat roofing services, no matter how extensive, contact us today for a quick, free, and 100% obligation-free quotation.


In-Depth Consultation and Advice

As a layperson, you may perceive flat roofing as a daunting and challenging task. You may also be overwhelmed by all the things you need to know in order to make an informed decision. That is why we provide our clients with extensive consultation and advice on which roofing materials to use to best suit their individual needs and requirements.

We can also help you find solutions to specific environmental issues that influence your decision in terms of roofing materials. We will ensure that we understand your needs completely before making recommendations or starting the project.

Residential Flat Roofing

Our residential flat roofing services and Dublin flat roofing repair services are extensive and cover a wide range of services, which primarily include repairs and weatherproofing. It also includes the installation of garden sheds, canopies, and new flat roofs with an option of insulation, as well as the fitting of extensions. We also strip off old timbers and joists for re-felting.

Commercial Flat Roofing

Our comprehensive commercial flat roofing projects include maintenance and installation of flat roofs and are known for being of the highest quality. If your commercial building has roof valleys or outlets that are blocked, or if you need a roof cleaning service, we can help.

We have an extensive service portfolio that includes commercial projects for schools, shopping centres, warehouses, apartment buildings, and stand-alone business buildings of all sizes.

Previous Clients

Roofers Dublin has a solid reputation among our clients as a reputable and reliable supplier of flat roofing services. Many of our clients return to us because they know that the value we provide is unbeatable, even when it comes to small jobs that they can complete themselves. Feel free to read some of our 5-star reviews.


At Roofers Dublin, we are serious about delivering services and flat roofing solutions that exceed expectations at competitive prices. We know that making changes to your roof can make a mark on your monthly budget, and that is why we always ensure that the value you receive far exceeds the price that you pay.


Roofers Dublin is known for being reliable. When your roof in need of a repair, your entire life is on hold. You have to make arrangements at work and take time to ensure that the job gets done. We understand that convenience is incredibly important to you. We guarantee that after contacting us, we will send you the quotation and start the repairing job within 24 hours after contacting us.

When we start working on our project, you can also be sure that, until the time of completion, your project will be our number one priority, not only to get the job done but also to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Our flat roofing services can increase the value of your property, eliminate the risk of damage, and reduce the need for routine maintenance. Don’t postpone a flat roofing repair, restoration, or construction job. Our services are geared toward helping you overcome overwhelm and find a solution that is suited to your budget and needs. We also make sure that you’re your flat roof protects the interior of your home for many years to come.

Your flat roof can be in mint condition within a week’s time. If you need any flat roofing in Dublin, feel free to fill out our contact form and we will contact you within one hour.

"Couldn't be happier with their work and courteous manner. Highly recommended."

"Not long ago I found a leak in my flat roof that had actually caused the underlying timbers and some of the joists to begin rotting. It was quite a big job and it seemed difficult to get anyone interested in even looking at it. Roofers Dublin came out and gave me a very thorough run-down of the problem and the best course of action to fix it. I felt comfortable giving them the job as their knowledge of flat roofs was instantly obvious. In the end I couldn't be happier with their work and courteous manner. Highly recommended."
Jeremy Duffy, Malahide

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