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As a homeowner that is in the process of building a new slate roof, you may be facing the same question as thousands before you. Why should you use natural slate instead of man-made roof slate?

When it comes to natural slate, there are a number of factors that you should consider, including aesthetics, durability, and life expectancy.

Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at the pros and cons of a new natural slate roof, as well as some of the different types of natural and man-made slate that you can use in the construction of your roof.

slate roofing dublinNew Natural Slate Roof (Pros and Cons)

Slate is a sedimentary stone that has proven to be a durable and re-usable building material. It is especially popular as a roofing material. Let’s take a look at the different pros and cons of using natural slate for your next roofing project.


Natural slate has a natural beauty and offers exceptional aesthetic appeal to a house, especially in comparison to man-made slate and commercial roofing materials.

It is also completely durable. This is important when taking the house’s entire life cost into account as natural slate can stay on your roof for the lifetime of your house. It is the perfect building material for a roof as it is resistant to fire, extreme temperatures, and discoloration due to acids and chemicals.


A natural slate roof repair can be costly in terms of materials and labour. At Roofers Dublin, we also offer fibre cement slate, an economical and high-quality alternative to natural slate. More on this later.

Natural Slate

As a roofing material, natural slate is widely regarded as the best option there is. Apart from its durability and longevity, natural slate is also reusable and is the most ecological option for roofs. Natural slate also allows for versatility and works well with any architectural type and design.

Fibre Cement Slate

If you require the benefits that a natural slate roof has to offer but don’t have the budget, consider using fibre cement slate. It is a highly-developed substitute to natural slate that offers a uniform finish, cost-effective installation, as well as solid durability. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours and textures, which allows for optimal aesthetics.

Reclaimed Natural Slate

It is well-known that natural slate has a long lifetime. Since the durability and aesthetic appeal of natural slate don’t depreciate over time, homeowners with a sense of environmental awareness may find reclaimed natural slate to be a valid alternative. Reclaimed natural slate is also an affordable option to restore an existing natural slate roof.

Natural Slate Roof Repairs

Natural slate roof repairs should always be conducted in a specific and professional manner. Roofers Dublin are one of the most highly skilled roofing companies with extensive experience in slate roofing. When we carry out a natural slate repair or construction project, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients gain the full benefit of the natural or fibre cement slate.

Our repair and roof construction services are centred around you, our clients, specific needs and requirements. When you make use of our services, you can be sure of cost-effective and high-quality services with zero waste of resources, materials, and time.

To achieve optimal functionality and performance, natural slate roof construction and repair require high levels of sophistication and dedication. Make sure that you partner with a roofing company that has all the necessary experience as well as a thorough understanding of slate roofing.

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