Why You Should Not Ignore Small Roof Leaks

tile roof repairs

There will come a point where any roof will start to break down and show its age. Even roofs that are well taken care of can be severely damaged by a powerful storm or succumb to eventual wear and tear. Not all damage to your roof will be visible, even if you inspect it regularly. Some of the damage can be hard to see, and you will have watch out for signs that there is a leak or other roofing problem. The earlier you catch problems like this, the cheaper they are to repair and the more damage you will end up preventing.

It Will Cost More

That leads us to our first point. A leaking roof, no matter how small the leak is, will always lead to a bigger and bigger leak. The larger the leak is and the more damage it causes, the more expensive it becomes to repair. A small leak may be able to be repaired with some tar and a shingle or some other small patch work.

This won’t cost much or take much time for the roofing specialist you hire to do the job. Even doing the job yourself won’t cost much, since you will only be paying for the materials.

For a larger leak and a larger roof repair job, the roofing contractor will have to spend more time and use more materials. He may find that the leak is even larger than you suspected. The longer the leak is allowed to persist unattended, the more damage it can cause, leading to expenses you may not be able to predict.

What may seem like a small leak and quick fix can turn into something much larger and more expensive.

Shorter Lifespan for Your Roof

The longer you allow a leak to continue, the more it is going to damage your home. It can let water into places that are hard to fix. Your home’s materials can become damaged to the point where they lose a lot of their value. Your home’s market value will decrease because it lifespan will have decreased. You want to take the time to deal with the problem quickly before it becomes severe, because replacing a roof is incredibly expensive. It’s not that big a deal to patch a hole or fix a minor issue with your roof, but replacing the entire thing can be time-
consuming and incredibly costly. And you may not be able to afford that. The longer a leak is left, the shorter your roof’s lifespan will be.

Mold Starts Growing

Water in dark paces in your home will lead to mold growth. There is not much you can do to stop mold from growing if you let water into your home. The longer that water sits there, the more likely it is to grow mold, and the more the mold will spread. The mold can get into place that are tough to clean, and you’ll want to deal with this issue just as soon as you can.

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