The Relationship Between Your Business’ Roof and Your Customers

When you think about appealing to your customers through your business, do you focus mostly on having friendly staff and the right kind of products and services on offer? Of course you want the floors clean and the building to look like it is in decent shape, but have you put much thought into how your roof affects customers’ perception of your business?

A lot of businesses fail to consider the roof of their business and its impact on, well, business. What they may not realize is how much of a role it plays in the customers’ opinion of the business. While the regular customers may not pay much attention to the roof, you can be sure that those driving or walking by the place of business will form an opinion of your business based partially on how the roof looks. They are looking at the entirety of your building, and if the front of the building is kept up but the roof is shoddy, then the customers are right to expect some shoddy services or products from your business.

It may not be a fair assessment, but if you don’t take care of your roof, then the customers are liable to think that you might not take very goof care of them. If you are not putting the money you need to into making your roof look nice, then your customers are unlikely to think that you will put much effort into meeting their needs and pleasing them. Your roof’s appearance is a sign to customers of the quality of your service and your dedication to your customers.

Of course, even if the roof looks nice, it can still have its problems. It may have an attractive appearance from the outside, but underneath, it could be full of holes, rotten material and leaks. That may not be visible to the customer, but they will notice the signs of leakage on the interior of your business. That can leave an awful impression on your customers, especially if they are first-time customers.

They will see dark water spots on your ceiling and form an opinion of your business based on its appearance.

The leaks can cause mold to grow and give your customers an allergic reaction or make your business smell bad. That is why it is so important to handle any roofing problems as you notice them. You may not notice them before they become serious issues, which is why it is then important to have your roof inspected every so often. We recommend commercial businesses have their roof inspected at least twice a year and after every severe storm or instance where there is a chance that the roof was damaged. This will ensure the roof stays in good condition and give you a chance to make repairs before major issues arise.

Keep in mind how important your roof is to the relationship between you and your customers. Consider how it affects your business and how a poor-looking roof could be chasing away potential customers.

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