Should You Repair or Replace Shingles?

old shingle roof


When you start to see the shingles on your roof looking worn, bent or damaged, you may be wondering what kind of repairs will be necessary. In some cases, you can simply have the shingles repaired and still have a roof that works well at protecting your home. In other cases, you will need to replace shingles on your roof with new ones. We’ll show you how you can tell when you should do one or the other.

Examine the Shingles

If you are comfortable getting up on your roof, then you should take some time to inspect the shingles. See how badly they are damaged and if you see holes in the roof or other severe signs of damage. Shingles that can be repaired may be bent or loose but not very worn. They still need to be able to function properly and keep the rain out, and a simple patch job can take care of the issue.

Look at how many shingles are missing or damaged. If it is just a few, then you can get away with having the shingles repaired instead of replacing them all. A few problem shingles here and there are not a big deal, but you need to be looking at more than just the shingles. Also inspect the roof and see if the wood underneath the shingles is rotted or water damaged. You can look for signs of leaking inside your home to see if water is getting through your shingles. Small leaks can require simple repairs, while bigger leaks will require more severe measures being taken, such as complete replacement of the shingles on your roof.

Pay Attention to Changes Over Time

When you inspect your roof and ceiling, keep tabs on how the problems change or advance over time. If you notice leaks getting worse or repaired shingles still giving you problems, then you have a bigger issue than just a few shingles. If you keep having to repair shingles over a short period of time, then your entire roof is in danger, and you need to replace the shingles that are there. As more and more of them go bad, you are simply waiting for the inevitable destruction of the entire roof. A few shingles going bad doesn’t make much of a difference, but if the same problem occurs again and again, that means you have some bad shingles, and you need to do more than just effect some simple repairs.

Have an Expert Consulted

If you suspect that you have an ongoing problem or severe issue with your roof’s shingles, then you need to bring in a roofing expert. You may have a bigger problem than you realize and you need to have the issue fully assessed and ultimately resolved. The longer you wait to deal with a roofing issue, the worse it will become and the more expensive it will be to repair, so deal with shingle problems as quickly as you notice them. Also be sure to follow any advice the roofing consultant gives you about fixing your roof.

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