Roof Basics That New Homeowners Need to Know

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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house. It provides protection for the rest of the house, so if the roof goes bad, then the rest of your home is in danger. If you are a new homeowner, then you may be unfamiliar with your roof, and we want to help you get familiar with its ins and outs.

Know the Parts of Your Roof

The roof is made up of several different parts, and you should get to know them and their function. The outer layer of the roof is what you first see when you look at it, and it is what gives your roof a certain appeal. This is the part of the roof that is most likely to be damaged by falling debris and storms, so you want to do a cursory inspection whenever you suspect there is damage. This outer layer is what protects the rest of the roof and your home from storm damage.

Decking is the foundation of plywood (in most cases) that the tiles or shingles of the roof are attached to. The timber is the frame of your roof, and it is made up of rafters, joists and various other wooden parts. The eaves go beyond the exterior house walls, and they are the part of your roof that hangs over, which makes them weaker than the rest of the roof.

The end of the eaves are attached to a fascia board, which helps to strengthen that part of the roof. The gutters hang off the fascia and collect water, dirt and debris. They funnel water away from the roof and prevent the roof from flooding or being damaged during severe weather. The gutters are the weakest parts of the roof and need to be inspected regularly.

Perform Inspections

You should have inspections performed on your roof on a regular basis. This helps you get to now your roof and lets you catch problems early. A professional inspection by a trained roofing contractor should be performed at least once a year. You should check the roof on your own more often. Every time there is a severe storm or anything the could cause damage, you should inspect the roof for signs of damage. If you suspect damage, then call a roofing contractor to come out and look at it for you. They can catch things that you might not see, due to
their experience.

Prevent Ice Buildup

As a new homeowner, you might not be familiar with how ice will build up on your roof. Each roof is different, and the way the attic is insulated, the way you run your ventilation system and the way the roof is built can all factor into how much ice tends to build up. Be sure to look for ice on the roof during winter months and make efforts to remove it as quickly as possible so that it does not weigh down the roof.

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