Major Causes of a Leaking Roof

roofing repair in dublin cityIf your home has a leaking roof it is very important that you get it looked at and repaired very quickly otherwise the damage could become even more severe.

There are many different reasons why have a leaking roof and need a roof repair service. Some of them are not that serious and can be fixed relatively easily and without costing too much. Other issues however can require more major work and of course that can mean a hefty repair bill.

It’s wise to routinely check your roof and guttering for any small issues so that you can catch them before they get worse.

Your Roof is Old
The most common cause of a roof leak is very simply that your roof is old. Tiles can crack, holes can appear in the felt or grouting and mortar can break off from under your ridge tiles allowing rain to seep in. These problems need to be dealt with quickly to stop them getting worse.

Check Your Roof Ventilation
Roof vents are commonly made of plastic which is cost effective and usually quite hard wearing. But exposure to harsh elements can eventually cause PVC to crack or break.

Clogged Gutters
It’s important that you get your gutters cleaned out at least once a year. Otherwise twigs, moss and leaves can completely block your gutters. Not only can this cause water to back up under the tiles but in the winter the water can freeze and either crack the gutter or cause it to fall off completely. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but repairing gutters is much more expensive then just regularly getting your gutters cleaned.

Your Flashing Could be Damaged
Flashing is usually made of lead and is most commonly used around dormer windows, skylights and chimneys. It is very important for keeping water out of your house. However the nails or caulk which keep it in place can crack or fall out and the lead may slide out completely. This is usually a fairly easy issue to fix.

Ridge Tiles
Ridge tiles are cemented onto the roof. But over many years the mortar can crack and fall out. When this happens water can easily run down onto your felt and over enough time it can run into your home.

Storm Damage
Storms can cause roof tiles and slates to be loosened or in some cases they can be blown off completely. We don’t need to explain why that would be very bad for keeping the inside of your house dry! As you can imagine this needs to be repaired quickly before any further damage can take place and depending on the severity of the damage this may demand an emergency roof repair.

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