How Your Roof Affects Your Home’s Value

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The roof plays an important role in how your home’s value changes. As your roof deteriorates, your home’s value decreases, and the opposite is true as well. In fact, your roof could be a good indicator of how much value your home holds. It is certainly an indicator of appeal for potential buyers.

Creating Impressions

The roof will be one the first things that buyers are going to look at. It is a part of the first impression, and as you know, it is important to always make a good one.

Buyers will see your roof along with the front of your home and make a base assessment on those factors. They may still want to look the rest of the house, or the view of your roof and home front may be enough to convince them that there is nothing more to see there. The condition of your roof plays an important role in how appealing your house is to potential buyers and to the neighborhood at large. In fact, your neighbors can form opinions of you based on how your roof looks, even if they have never gotten to know you. You may not even realize the
kind of effect your roof can have on those around you and the way they interact with you.

Creating Value

If you are remodeling your home to make it stand out in the market and to add to its value for insurance or resale purposes, then the roof should be a top priority.

The roof not only helps to create a certain impression of your home, but it also protects the rest of the home. If the roof is bad, the rest of the house is going to go bad as well, and leaks in the roof can affect the integrity of the home. You need to deal with roofing problems before just about anything else, because they can lead to far more serious issues than most other structural problems.

Even if the rest of your home is older and not worth a lot, refurbishing the roof or installing new roof can greatly increase the overall value of the home. The roof is one of the biggest expenses in home remodeling and one the more expensive things to replace if some goes wrong with it. Having that part of your home looking great and making sure it lasts a long time does a lot for your home’s value.

Peace of Mind

A roof that is stable and durable can bring with it a sense of security about the home. If you know that the home is not going to experience roof leaks or be open to pest infestations through the roof, that can make you feel much better about living there. It adds value to the home in ways that nothing else can, because that sense of peace about the roof makes the home feel more welcoming. That is a benefit that is hard to place a dollar value on, which is why it is so important to the home.

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