How to Keep a Flat Roof Safe

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A flat roof is going to get walked on, especially if it is part of a business property.

People will need to go on top of it to clean it, to change signs and to perform minor tasks every now and then. If you have a domestic property with a flat roof, you may use that flat area to host events or to plant flowers.

The simple fact is that flat roofs tend to get use more than angled roofs, because they are much more user friendly. You’ll want to to do what you can to keep yours safe and ensure that there are no accidents on the roof. That is one of the most dangerous places to have an accident, and here are some tips you can use to keep that area safe.

Keep It Dry

Excess water is one of the top reasons why accidents happen. If the roof is slippery, people are more likely to fall and hurt themselves. You can keep the roof dry by sweeping all the water off regularly, particularly after a storm. You should also keep the gutter free and clear of debris. This will prevent the roof from flooding, because if the gutter is blocked up, the water will overflow onto the roof, creating a hazard.

Keep It Free from Tripping Hazards

Your roof also needs to be clean and clear of anything that could cause people to trip. You should get rid of leaves and sticks regularly and make sure that there is no clutter up there to cause an accident. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time keeping a clean house, it is important to keep a clean roof, if people will walk on it regularly. That’s because a tripping hazard there has the potential to cause much more severe injury than a tripping hazard anywhere else. You may also want to consider getting rid of anything that sticks out of the roof that isn’t necessary for your building. Chimneys that are not being used, roofing materials that are sitting on your roof and waiting to be used and other things that aren’t serving any purpose should all be removed, if possible.

Keep It Maintained

Another thing that can cause problems on your roof is wear and tear. Your roof can start to have holes in it or rough patches due to weathering, aging or fallen debris. Even standing water on your roof can affect how long it lasts and how worn it starts to look after a while. You can probably do some maintenance yourself, but it is almost always better to have a professional do the maintenance for you. You should have regular inspections performed on your roof to ensure it stays in top condition. Regular inspections are a great way to catch problems in their early stages and keep them from becoming much bigger and more expensive problems.

Your flat roof can be a safe place for all sorts of activities, but you have to put in the effort to keep it safe.

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