How Much Will Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan Cost?

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Every business owner should put in the time and effort to have a roof maintenance plan in place. This protects their roof and helps their business maintain a pleasant appearance for their customers.

A commercial roof maintenance plan involves an agreement between a business and roofing contractor. The contractor will come periodically to the business and perform maintenance on the roof. This can involve cleaning, repairs, inspections and even replacement of shingles or other roofing materials. How involved the maintenance plan is depends on what the business wants to set up. They can
make it as involved as they want or as simple as they want.

That’s where costs come into play. A maintenance plan can be very expensive, if it includes regular repair and replacement. The more work the contractor has to do, the more expensive the plan will be. Of course, there may be repairs that only  need to be done once in a while, and those will usually be charged at a one-time fee rather than included in the plan rates.

The size of the roof also determines how much the plan will cost. If there are multiple roofs or a very large roof to maintain, then the plan will be more expensive than if it were just a small roof. Even for simple maintenance tasks like inspections the cost will be significantly more for larger roofs, because it takes the contractor longer to walk the entirety of the roof.

Most contractors have set maintenance plans that businesses can pick from, but some of them will let the business owner customize the plan to their liking. For instance, a typical plan can include gutter cleaning, cleaning of the flashes, and some basic repairs. However the customer may request that further services be added to the plan for an additional fee, such as written reports or extra cleaning.

The frequency of the visits will also determine the cost of the plan. If the contractor only comes twice a year, then the plan should not cost very much.

However, if they have to make monthly visits per the plan, then that will cost more, and you will want to set your budget based on how frequently you need the contractor to come visit and what kind of work you need them to do. Before you agree to any plan, be sure to look over the terms of the plans and the detailed list of things that the contractor will do for you.

You can compare their services and costs to that of other roofing companies. You may be able to find a better deal by comparing prices and seeing who will save you the most money.

You may not know for sure what services you need to have done and how often you need the roofing company to pay you a visit. You can always talk to a roofing contractor about their recommendations before making your decision to ensure that you are making the right choice.

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