Garden Shed Roofing Options

The Best Shed Roofing Materials

Shed roofing differs from conventional house roofing in a number of ways. When it comes to shed roofing, functionality and durability is more important than the appearance. Ease of installation and costs also plays a role when deciding on the best roofing for your shed.

There are a number of options worth considering as roofing for your garden shed or for your shed roof repair. Each type has its own pros, cons, and best areas of application. Keep reading to learn more about the different garden shed roofing options.

Steel Corrugated Panels

This garden shed roofing option is the most popular for DIY or commercial sheds. Many shed suppliers include steel corrugated panels as part of their product. Steel corrugated panels are also incredibly durable and waterproof.

One of the biggest benefits of this roofing option is ease of installation. You can install the panels yourself, even if you are not a professional roofer. The panel edges overlap with one another and, if building codes allow for this, you can easily install them over existing roofing without having to remove existing shingles.


– High-performance roof
– Waterproof and long-lasting
– Easy installation


– Requires additional insulation
– Lacks aesthetic appeal

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a common option for garden shed roofing. This roofing type is typically available in many different colours and patterns, which makes it possible to have your garden shed roof to match your house roof. Many homeowners prefer this roofing option, simply because it will last for many years.

There are a few drawbacks to this roofing option, the biggest one being that installation can be a challenge. Other than that, it is a solid and attractive roofing option.


– Roofing is durable and waterproof
– Ample choice in terms of colours and textures
– Asphalt shingles can last a lifetime


– Roofing can only go on a steep enough slope
– Installation is tricky
– Has to be used with roofing felt

Clay Tiles

Clay or concrete tiles are a roofing option that is long-lasting, and waterproof. Commonly used on gable roofing it is also widely regarded as the garden shed option with the most visual appeal. The tiles come in various shapes and styles and tend to give your shed a European or Mediterranean appearance.

Since tiles are heavier than other roofing, it is important for your garden shed to have sufficient structural integrity to carry the weight. You may also want to consider using the services of a professional roofer to ensure high-quality installation.


– Best choice for aesthetic appeal
– Provides sufficient protection against the elements
– Waterproof and long-lasting


– Requires sound weight support
– Intricate and time-consuming installation

Wooden Shingles

A popular choice for recreational sheds as it has a very unique and authentic appearance. Wooden shingles can be made from different types of wood, including pine, cedar, or redwood. This garden shed roofing option provides excellent isolation and aesthetic appeal.

This roofing works best on sheds with steeper slopes. It is important that wooden shingles should be installed correctly to ensure sufficient interior home protection and a longer lifetime. It is also important to remember that you have to treat this type of roof with a high-end flame retardant to improve its fire resistance. For this reason, you also have to consult with local authorities and building codes to ensure that you may use this roofing in your area.


– Beautiful and authentic roofing option
– Protects interior from extreme temperatures
– Completely waterproof
– Eco-friendly roofing option


– Requires regular treatment
– Susceptible to rot and decay
– Not a fireproof roofing option
– Roofing may be prohibited by building codes


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