7 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Safety Inside and Outside

During the current lockdown which is still in place in many countries, we obviously spend a lot of time at home, so we might feel safer as there are not many people walking the streets. However, some of you may have left your place of residence to go to the countryside or somewhere outside of the city, as it is often easier to handle a lockdown if you have a yard.

Either way, you will want your home to be safe both on the inside, meaning you are as safe as possible from any potential accidents, as well as from the outside, meaning no one can break in. Here are 7 tips, to help you keep your home and family safe at all times, and now in particular from The Lock Boss.

Ensure Your Roof Stability

One of the least thought about parts of your home is probably the roof. However, the security and stability of your roof essentially ensures the stability and safety of your entire home.

Consider hiring professional roofers to inspect your roof at least once a year. Most people prefer spring, since that is the time snow melts and you can assess any damage caused by snowfall. It is also time when the weather turns nicer, so any potential works exposing your roof can be performed.

Check Your Doors & Change Your Locks

Let us start from the outside, and the most obvious place – the doors. Check how safe your main door is. There is always something to improve, so consider changing the lock, adding a lock chain, or a peeping hole if you do not have them.

You can also consider adding the deadbolt strike plate. If your front door is made out of light wood, you should consider getting a new one made of steel or solid hardwood. Make sure you all the potential entrance doors – back doors, terrace doors, etc. Pay special attention to sliding doors as they can be easily removed from the tracks.

Lock Your Windows

Windows are one of the two most common ways the burglars get into houses, doors, obviously being the other most popular entry. Check your window latches and make sure they are not flimsy. You can consider adding locks or levers to ensure your windows are burglar-proof.

You will also want to check how resistant the glass on your windows is and if necessary, add reinforcement. Window bars could also be a good idea. Another thing which could make access to your windows more difficult are prickly bushes, so you might consider this option as well.

Get a Security System

Depending on your needs and budget, you can consider getting a security system installed. One option is to get a professionally installed and monitored security system which is, of course, more expensive, but has a lot of advantages and can have some very useful additions such as smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

Again, if your neighborhood is a peaceful one and your house is physically well secured, you can also consider a budget DYI option which should do the work as well.

Get Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the greatest indoor dangers is definitely fires and gases. You may not even be aware of the carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms. As already mentioned, these detectors can be obtained as extra parts of some security systems, but if not, make sure you have them installed separately.

Also, it is very important to keep good and regular maintenance of them. In that way, you will know you are safe in this respect. You should test the detectors every month. On top of this, be sure to replace their batteries every year.

Reduce Mold

It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous and harmful mold can be, especially now when we spend so much time at home. It is important to have good airflow within your home as it reduces moisture which is ideal for the mold growths. It means you should have exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom.

In general, keeping humidity levels low is essential for mold prevention, so consider getting dehumidifiers. This will keep you and your family healthy and safe at home.

Minimize the Odds of Slips and Falls

Another lurking danger at home is falling, slipping, tripping, and the likes, especially in the time of pandemic where you do not want to go to the doctor’s unless you really have to. To make sure your home is safe for walking, you might want to consider making no-slip surfaces.

This is particularly useful for the front stairs of porches. You can consider adding strips which are self-adhesive and anti-skid and prevent slipping on the stairs in that way.

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