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How Your Roof Affects Your Home’s Value

The roof plays an important role in how your home’s value changes. As your roof deteriorates, your home’s value decreases, and the opposite is true as well. In fact, your roof could be a good indicator of how much value your home holds. It is certainly an indicator of appeal for potential buyers. Creating Impressions […]

What to Know About Roofing Contractor Quotes

Before you settle on a roofing contractor to inspect your roof, repair it, replace it or install it, you need to get some quotes. If you have never done that before, then you should read one to find out how best to go about getting quotes before making a decision. Get Multiple Quotes First and […]

How to Keep Your Roof Repair Costs Down

It can be very expensive to repair or replace your roof, and the more extensive the damage is, the more it is going to cost you. Of course, more repairs are also going to result in a loss of time and productivity, so you’ll want to do what you can to keep repairs to a […]

How Often Should Roof Inspections Be Done?

One of the best ways to ensure your roof stays in good condition is to have regular inspections performed. This helps you to catch any problems early, before they become bigger more expensive problems. You can find small leaks before they turn into major structural damage, and you’ll save money and time on repairs this […]

How to Get Your Roof Ready for Summertime

Your roof needs some extra love as the seasons change. The changes in temperature or weather will require you to do some work to prepare, and if you don’t take the time to make a few small changes, then your roof can suffer. The roof is one of the most important parts of the building. […]

The Right Time of Year to Install Roofing

Some homeowners are concerned about having roofing repairs and installation done at certain times of the year, due to the effect that diverse temperatures can have on the materials and the installation process. If you talk to most roofing experts, though, you’ll find that the majority of them do not restrict their services offered based […]

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

When it is time to get your roof fixed, you’ll want to pick a reliable contractor who won’t leave you with shoddy job that needs to be repaired a few months down the road. We are going to show you how to pick the cream the crop from what is out there and avoid having […]

Should You Repair or Replace Shingles?

  When you start to see the shingles on your roof looking worn, bent or damaged, you may be wondering what kind of repairs will be necessary. In some cases, you can simply have the shingles repaired and still have a roof that works well at protecting your home. In other cases, you will need […]

Why You Should Not Ignore Small Roof Leaks

There will come a point where any roof will start to break down and show its age. Even roofs that are well taken care of can be severely damaged by a powerful storm or succumb to eventual wear and tear. Not all damage to your roof will be visible, even if you inspect it regularly. […]

Is Your Roof Really Leaking?

When you start to see water coming through your ceiling, your first inclination is probably to suspect that there is a leak. That’s what most people would think, though, but leaks are often confused with condensation, and you can learn to tell the difference between the two of them and decide what action take once […]